Open Dor

Welcome to Open Dor

Open Dor is a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation that reaches out to unaffiliated and marginally active Jews, as well as to non-Jews who are part of the Jewish family through marriage to a Jew or through Jewish ancestry, aiming to increase their participation in Jewish learning and culture.


  • Do you want to explore your Jewish heritage?
  • Are you a young adult with a Jewish parent or grandparent?
  • Are you non-Jewish with a Jewish partner?
  • Are you interested in learning how Judaism can spiritually enhance your life?
  • Do you want personal guidance for your Jewish journey?

5 classes, beginning Oct. 28, 7-8:30 pm, Friendship Heights


Liturgy and Prayer: Challenges to the Roles of Jewish Women

6 Tuesday mornings, beginning Oct. 8, 10-10:50 am


6 Wednesday evenings, beginning Oct. 9, 7:30-8:20 pm

Rabbi Samuel Scolnic Adult Institute, Congregation Beth El of Montgomery County (301-652-2606)

What are traditional attitudes toward women in Jewish liturgy and how have these shifted in our own day? We will discuss evolving issues such as: When and how have Jewish women prayed? How does tradition view a Jewish woman’s responsibility for prayer? Should/may a woman wear tallit, tefillin, kippah? If Jewish men enter the covenant through their brit milah, how do Jewish women become part of the covenant? Are there prayers specifically for Jewish women? What are the arguments for and against including the Matriarchs in prayer? May men and women pray together, including at the Kotel? What other issues have developed about gender neutral language and imagery in the liturgy? Not just for women!


Adult Bat Mitzvah

Are you a Jew by choice? Are you born Jewish but never had a bat mitzvah? Did you become bat mitzvah at 13 but want to renew your knowledge with a group of like-minded women?

Two Tuesday evenings a month, new students welcome Fall 2013

Hebrew and chanting instruction available as part of class

Tifereth Israel Congregation 7701-16th St., NW, DC 20012 (202-882-1605)
Members and non-members welcome!